Selinda Karl June 17, 2022

Lingo Plumbing

"Lingo Plumbing family owned and operated. We have had them do all our plumbing from repairing a leaky faucet to installing a water heater. Very friendly. You know that when you call them who is coming. Other out fits its a different person everytime Thanks Phil and and sons."
Jason Walters July 17, 2021

Jason Walters

"These guys are great. They have walked us through troubleshooting issues over the phone and saved us money. When we need them to come in they provide awesome service at affordable prices. Cannot recommend enough."
Brenda Sue June 21, 2021

Brenda Sue

"Very affordable. Very fast. They know what they are doing. They are wonderful!"
Amber Thacker June 9, 2021

Amber Thacker

"Had a pinhole leak. Came out for an emergency call, replaced main water shutoff valves and corroded pipe around them. Here in just over an hour, done in an hour. Communicated price and issues the whole way through. And even at an emergency rate, I would have considered the final to be a more than fair price for the work if it had not been an emergency."